Embrace Your Heritage

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Embrace your heritage: Be proud of your culture

In today’s day and age, European Americans are taught that pride in our culture is wrong, we are taught to be ashamed… to act as sheep. This is not the way of our folk. Our culture is as much a part of us as our skin tone. If we don’t educate our children about our folkways, then who will?

Courage: The coward believes he will live forever if he runs from a battle, but in old age he will have no peace though spears have spared his limbs.

Truth: Counsel you second, swear no oath, but what you mean to abide by; a halter awaits the world breaker, villainous is the wolf of vows.

Honor: Cattle die, kindred die, every man is mortal; but the good name never dies, of one who has done well.

Fidelity: If you find a friend you fully trust and wish for his goodwill, exchange thoughts, exchange gifts, go often to his house.

Discipline: Early shall he rise who rules few servants, and set to work at once. Much is lost by the late sleeper, wealth is won by the swift.

Hospitality: Fire is needed by the newcomer, whose knees are frozen numb. Meat and clean linen a man needs who has fared across the fells.

Industriousness: A small hut of one own is better, a man is his master at home. A couple of goats and a corded roof still are better than begging.

Self-reliance: One’s home is best, though small, it be to each home is hall. The heart bleeds in the beggar, who must ask at each meal for meat.

Perseverance: May the halt ride a horse, and the handless be herdsman, the deaf man may doughtily fight, a blind man is better than a corpse what good is a dead man?

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