10 Surprising Facts About the Vikings

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1. The days of the week are named after Viking gods:

Odin = Wednesday
Thor = Thursday
Tyr = Tuesday
Frigg = Friday


2. Vikings never wore horned helmets

Christians in Europe added the detail to make the Vikings appear more barbaric and pagan, like Satan

3. Many words today have Viking origins
Some are: snort, lump, scrawny, and anger

4. Vikings had great hygiene
Grooming tools are commonly found artifacts in excavations and were some of the most commonly used Viking tools

5. They did not call themselves "Vikings"
Other nations referred to them as the Norse, Norsemen, or Danes.

6. Vikings were superb boat builders
Their longboats were excellently crafted, could carry large loads of supplies and men; and could dock into shallow waters easily

7. Viking funerals were an important life event
When a prominent Viking died, they were placed in a ceremonial burning boat filled with their clothes, animals, jewelry, or weapons

8. Vikings were known to abandon the sick or weak
They abandoned even their own children who were sick, leaving them in the woods or throwing them into the sea

9. Viking women had some rights
Viking women had the right to inherit property and request a divorce

10. Vikings preferred blondes
Viking men and women would bleach their hair blonde with a harsh lye soap

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