Sowilo Meaning of the Runes Latin S

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Sowilo: (S: The sun.) Success, goals achieved, honor. The life-force, health. A time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious. Wholeness, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire. Sowilo Merkstave (Sowilo cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): False goals, bad counsel, false success, gullibility, loss of goals. Destruction, retribution, justice, casting down of vanity. Wrath of god.

Sowilo is the rune of the extreme strength, embodying and channeling the power of the sun whose it symbolizes the energy and the light. Literally, this rune is the vital principle of the solar light. Sowilo represents the necessary powers to reach your objectives. Symbol of the Sun, Sowilo also represents the Illumination, the understanding of the Mysteries of life.

The tree for Sowilo is ginkgo biloba.

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