Vikings Valhalla: A New Series on the Horizon

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For all the Vikings show fans out there:

If you are one of the many fans who wished that the show Vikings continued past season six, you might just have your wish soon. Newly released is information about a spin-off season called Valhalla coming in the year 2022. Filming was briefly delayed due to the Covid pandemic and a few positive tests while on set in Ireland, but it seems that they are now back on track to complete the epic Norse series.

Only slight details have been released about the new spin-off. Written by the same production crew, we expect this new saga to be very similar in production quality and storyline freedoms. Many stories of the Vikings characters are believed to be compilations of actual Viking historic events and people, instead of hard fast factual happenings.

Valhalla highlights a time when Christianity was overtaking much of Scandinavia’s Pagans in the 11th century Viking age, over 100 years later than the original series 6 ended. Main characters include Erik the Red and Lief Erikson. Erikson is known to have visited America several hundred years before Christopher Columbus ever sailed.

Valhalla is the mythical Viking heaven, a great majestic hall adorned with gold shields on the ceilings and ruled over by the creator Norse god, Odin. Only the greatest Viking warriors who perish bravely in battle would ever hope to make it into the halls of Valhalla.

The original season of Vikings premiered in March 2013 on the History channel. The narrative followed a great warrior, Ragnor, and his four sons who also became pivotal figures of history at the beginning of the Viking age. After six seasons, most of the original characters have been killed off, so season 1 looks very different than season 6 did. Valhalla will also follow all new characters.

One aspect of the Vikings show is the balance of strong female and male characters. Just as the ancient Norse, men and women had to be tough and enduring in the harsh northern climate. In a Viking settlement, women knew how to fight and how to hunt - and this Vikings show theme of ability is expected to carry into the new Valhalla series.

Netflix will host the series when it drops. Here’s a sneak peek of Valhalla:

Valhalla Sneak Peek on Twitter

And in case you’ve never seen the original show Vikings (or you need to binge re-watch before the new Valhalla spin-off starts!): all six seasons are included for free right now on Amazon Prime Video!

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