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Wolves are known for their keen intelligence, graceful strength, and their unbreakable bond to their family - their pack mates. Wolves live in challenging environments, but still, succeed as apex predators. What qualities do you think are admirable in this animal? Ancient Vikings respected wolves for these enduring qualities and relied on this animal as a sacred totem. Just as wolves hunt in packs and use their intellect to trap much larger prey, Vikings would use clever hunting methods to trap larger prey for their family group. Sometimes ancient Vikings even had encounters with wolves which would have been a worthy fight.

Wolves are important spirit animals in Norse and Celtic mythology. According to Norse mythology, the wolf symbolizes victory when rode in battle by Valkyries or by Odin, the father of all the Norse gods. A Valkyrie is a powerful female figure who decides the fate of those in battle. The monstrous wolf Fenrir is the son of Loki and attempted to kill Odin during Ragnarok, but was killed himself by Odin's son Víðarr. Often accompanying Odin, Geri and Freki are ravenous greedy powerful wolves. Hati Hróðvitnisson is a warg wolf that attempts to snatch the moon as it travels across the night sky and Sköll is also a warg wolf that attempts to snatch the Sun as it travels the sky by day, being pulled by horse and chariot. Each of these Norse wolves has a significant role to play in Viking mythology.

According to Celtic lore, the wolf symbol is a source of lunar unseen power, including uncommon knowledge and uncanny intuition. The Celts befriended the wolves for both hunting and protection to take advantage of the wolf’s senses. This partnership of hunting and protection was one of the first human-wolf interactions leading to our favorite pets of today - dogs.

As a modern-day Viking, you too can embrace this powerful spirit with the FREE NORSE VIKING PENDANT NECKLACE WOLF HEAD N020, a majestic wolf totem necklace made of zinc alloy with a 40cm rope chain. The wolf necklace is a popular item with Viking Merchant customers that you can get by just paying the shipping cost! Secure this value-priced offer for yourself while we still have this special style of pendant available.

Many satisfied customers are already enjoying this stylish Viking necklace. A sophisticated, clean design and with a solid weight - this wolf totem necklace will bring apex predator status to anyone who possesses one. Limited quantities are available of this unique totem necklace – so get yours now and we’ll get it shipped quickly for your enjoyment!

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