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Wolves, dragons, and bears, oh my! Many Vikings of ancient history took on certain totems, especially animals, to help them brave through a challenge or even through the daily struggles of life that they encountered in ancient days. Do you have an animal that you identify with?

Ancient Viking warriors and handmaidens would acquire totem animals that fit their needs - these totems would signify strength, wisdom, or fortitude. Totems didn’t need to be a big strong animal either, as many totems chosen by Vikings were local birds, small creatures, or mythical spirits. Would you believe that trickster Loki’s spirit animal is a walrus? A totem can be anything that resonates with you personally and gives you the feeling of power in your task.

Sometimes our totem animals choose us and not the other way around: do you have an animal visiting frequently? Have you seen owls that every residence you move to, or do you see a certain animal before something bad happens in your life? Sometimes our totem animals are drawn to us because of the energy within us. The ancient Vikings also believed in this concept and watched for these harbingers to appear in their daily lives. In ancient times, the Norse and other ancient people filled any free time with watching the world around them, specifically the animals and seasonal cycles that bring natural, cyclical beauty to the world. If you’re searching for your own totem animal, take some time out in nature when you have a few minutes; pay attention to the migrating animals as the weather changes, look for the animals that visit you every night, and see if you notice any animals appearing when significant events occur in your life.

Know that totems don’t always have to be an animal. You might identify with a tree firmly planted or with an ocean, encouraging a deep and calming presence. The ancient Vikings may have identified with the raging ocean that they relied on for most of their basic needs, such as food, transportation, and more sustenance.

Norse spiritualism’s primary creator god, Odin, had several totems that he used to rule the Viking world: Geri and Freki, his two gray wolves; Munin and Hugin, his two ravens; and Sleipnir, his eight-legged gray horse. Just as Odin, perhaps you have several totem animals that your spirit identifies with, or you may have an animal for only a season of your life.

How do you connect with and honor your totem animals? One of the best ways is by wearing their emblem on your jewelry or by carrying a token with their image on it. By wearing your totem animal, you will constantly be reminded of the strength or quality that totem spirit brings to you. Viking Merchant has many styles of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more available symbolizing the same animal totems that the ancient Vikings would have worn: wolves, bears, ravens, dragons, trees, and other important Norse symbols. We hope our jewelry selection helps you connect with your spirit totem!

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